Nick Laurro

Safety Director

Nick Laurro has been with Safety Zone Ventures for 8 years as a Construction Safety Consultant.

Nick had spent years before that as a construction laborer, allowing him to become well-versed in the construction industry. He is a great problem solver, and helps maintain and create the safest environment possible in the construction industry today. He has successfully achieved the following: OSHA 500 Certified, a Certified OSHA Outreach Trainer, Certified Flagger, Rigging and Signaling Certification/Rough Terrain Fork Lift Training, and Certified Inspector/project monitor/Air Tech for Asbestos, (per NYS code rule 56). Nick is striving to achieve his CHST (Construction Health Safety Technician) Certification as well as continuing his education in maintaining all OSHA Regulations (Local, State, and Federal). Nick is happily married with three children.