Safety Observations



Strong safety policies are a must, but it is also vital that the rules are also put into practice. A voluntary safety policy allows a business to run with fewer injuries and property damage, as well as lower job costs and a lower cost on insurance.

We offer safety inspections to ensure that everyone on the job site is using the right equipment and observing best practices at all times.

Our trained and skilled technicians can observe your work sites and return with detailed reports. They will go over not just what your workers need to improve on, but also what you are doing right.

At Safety Zone, we are up to date on the latest requirements from OSHA and other regulatory bodies. Our expertise ensures that you have the knowledge you need to stay in compliance and avoid the fines and work stoppages that can put you in the red.

Our owner, Mary K. Bly, has years of experience ensuring that construction companies work at the highest level of safety.

As a registered DBE in the state of New York's Department of Transportation and a WBE with the State Development Corporation, we help you comply with requirements.

Our professional inspectors can help you be sure that your work sites are compliant with local, state and federal regulations and that you are providing a safe working space for the people on your crew.

Do you wish to pursue a high level of safety? Get in touch today to learn about our safety inspection services.