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Asbestos is everywhere in older buildings. The birth of the modern asbestos industry can be traced to the 1880s, when asbestos was first used as insulation at the Ward's Hill quarry in Staten Island. Prized for its insulating and fire retardant properties, it was used in tiles, insulation, automobiles and other applications. While its use has fallen off, it is still permitted in some construction materials such as roofing felt and cement sheets and is still present in older buildings.

Left in place and in solid condition, asbestos is not dangerous. However, when a building needs significant renovations or if it is being demolished to make way for new construction, asbestos can present a hazard to your workers and to others in the area. The particles, when they become airborne, can cause a number of respiratory problems, including a rare and deadly cancer, mesothelioma.

If your company is doing work on an older building that may contain asbestos, we can consult with you throughout the process to assure that this material is handled safely.

Unsafe handling can lead to health issues for your employees and customers and can lead to significant legal liability and expenses for your firm.

There are a number of important steps, from testing to safe removal to disposal, that must be performed properly to limit your liability and maximize the safety of your workers.

Are you taking on a project that may include exposure to asbestos? Get in touch with us at Safety Zone before you start. We can assure that the project progresses safely, to limit your workers' risk and your liability.