About SZV

Every part of the construction industry falls under OSHA jurisdiction and is bound by the standards OSHA has established and maintains. OSHA regulations can be strict and the penalties for falling out of compliance severe. At Safety Zone, we provide safety consulting to ensure that you are adhering to the relevant regulations and the best practices for your industry.

Safety Zone is a safety consulting startup that began as a sole proprietorship with all services provided by owner and founder Mary Kay Bly. Our founder brings many years of professional experience in the safety consulting industry and is dedicated to serving her clients well.

It is our mission to assure the safety of our clients' workplace. We observe to identify issues, educate workers and provide consulting to help every company create a site that is both safe and compliant with local and federal laws.

Through observation, reports, education and training, we can help your employees adhere to the best practices. A well trained and aware staff is a staff that is more likely to avoid accidents, injuries, fines and associated losses. 

When you engage in voluntary worker safety consultation, you will find an improvement in your worker practices and employee morale. Safer companies also often enjoy lower insurance rates and fewer delays.

We are registered as a DBE with the New York State Department of Transportation and as a WBE with the New York State Development Corporation. 

We are looking forward to working with you to make your workplace safer and fully compliant with all regulations and laws. Get in touch today to learn what we can do for you.