Safety Zone has a few different primary areas of business; Construction safety consultant, safety training, professional services and project engineer. Workplace inspections are one of Safety Zone’s principal activities and because voluntary efforts to improve working conditions ultimately depend on strong management commitment, our services are designed to support management’s efforts to improve the Company’s safety systems.

Safety Zone Ventures DBE & WBE Working Codes

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NAICS 514611

NAICS 923130


NIGP 91832

NIGP 92682

NAICS 5411690

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Meet our Staff

Mary Bly


Mary Skeele

Safety Tech

Mary Skeele, is our Safety Tech working on multiple commercial construction sites.

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Ed Rogers

Project Engineer

Edward Rogers, is a project engineer on the Rochester Schools Modernization Program.

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Ikea Jenkins

Project Engineer

Ikea Jenkins, is a Project Engineer currently working on the Rochester Schools Modernization Program.

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Nick Laurro

Safety Director

Nick Laurro has been with Safety Zone Ventures for 8 years as a Construction Safety Consultant.

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The importance of safety

at the work place and/or construction site.

It is the objective of Safety Zone to support protective industry standards, educate on those standards, and reach out to employers and employees through technical assistance and consultation. Every party involved in the construction industry falls under OSHA’s jurisdiction. It is the job of Safety Zone to educate workers and ensure those standards established by OSHA are maintained.

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Mission Statement

Safety is a non-negotiable element of the construction industry. We are firmly committed to maintaining the safest possible job site for owners, contractors, subcontractors, and the community at large. Safety can never be implemented to avoid an accident that has already occurred. At Safety Zone, we focus on preventative, proactive measures that ultimately result in good, safe thinking and value to all project participants. This is the core of Safety Zone.


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This is What We Do

Construction companies that voluntarily adhere to the best safety guidelines have advantages over their competition. They can attract the best talent. They enjoy lower insurance costs. They are less likely to lose time and funding to fines or work stoppages. Our founder, Mary K. Bly, has a strong commitment to safety on the work site. She is passionate about working with safety-minded businesses to ensure that they provide the best possible environments for those who work for them.

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